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The Black Book

The Black book contains details of all the Scottish Genealogy Society's holdings relating to Scottish deaths and Scottish burials.
The collection is made up of the old parish death registers, lists of monumental inscriptions, some obituaries and a growing library of transcripts of Scottish death, burial and mortcloth accounts lists.
The years given indicate the period covered, but there may be blanks in the record between these dates.
Many of the monumental inscription lists and OPR transcripts are available for sale through the Scottish Genealogy Society’s online shop.
In addition the Scottish Genealogy Society holds monumental inscriptions for Cumbria and Northumberland.

County lists to view or download

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Abbreviations  19/08/201017.88 KBDownload
Aberdeenshire Deaths  11/12/201191.61 KBDownload
Angus Deaths  11/12/201174.11 KBDownload
Argyllshire Deaths  11/12/201174.71 KBDownload
Ayrshire Deaths  11/12/201165.20 KBDownload
Banffshire Deaths  11/12/201132.66 KBDownload
Berwickshire Deaths  11/12/201190.89 KBDownload
Bute Deaths  11/12/201119.97 KBDownload
Caithness Deaths  11/12/201123.93 KBDownload
Clackmannanshire Deaths  11/12/201125.65 KBDownload
Cumbria MI  19/08/201046.75 KBDownload
Dumfriesshire Deaths  11/12/201162.57 KBDownload
Dunbartonshire Deaths  19/08/201023.81 KBDownload
East Lothian Deaths  11/12/201137.92 KBDownload
Edinburgh Deaths  11/12/201136.07 KBDownload
Fife Deaths  11/12/201185.27 KBDownload
Glasgow Deaths  11/12/201125.80 KBDownload
Inverness-shire Deaths  11/12/201149.64 KBDownload
Kincardineshire Deaths  11/12/201128.93 KBDownload
Kinross Deaths  19/08/201016.50 KBDownload
Kirkcudbrightshire Deaths  19/08/201042.34 KBDownload
Lanarkshire Deaths  11/12/201150.66 KBDownload
Midlothian Deaths  11/12/201143.00 KBDownload
Morayshire Deaths  11/12/201135.15 KBDownload
Nairnshire Deaths  11/12/201115.97 KBDownload
Northumberland MI  19/08/201028.35 KBDownload
Orkney Deaths  11/12/201127.05 KBDownload
Peeblesshire Deaths  11/12/201123.30 KBDownload
Perthshire Deaths  19/08/201092.63 KBDownload
Renfrewshire Deaths  11/12/201129.14 KBDownload
Ross & Cromarty Deaths  11/12/201137.69 KBDownload
Roxburghshire Deaths  11/12/201141.18 KBDownload
Selkirkshire Deaths  11/12/201118.47 KBDownload
Shetland Deaths  19/08/201036.65 KBDownload
Stirlingshire Deaths  19/08/201030.91 KBDownload
Sutherland Deaths  19/08/201028.54 KBDownload
West Lothian Deaths  11/12/201126.32 KBDownload
Wigtownshire Deaths  11/12/201127.88 KBDownload