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10 April 2014      
Dalkeith   St Nicholas' Churchyard, New Burial Ground, Churches and other sites MI. A4  
    The Scots in Prussia - mainly from Old Parish Registers, but other documents too, and incorporating lists from Fischer's works. Largely late 16th century to late 18th century records.  
VOLUME 1. KÖNIGSBERG Old parish Registers: Altrossgarten, Aldstadt, Burgkirche, Dom, French Reformed Chapel, Haberberg, Löbenicht, Neurossgarten, Orphanage, Schlosskirche, Steindamm, Tragheim
VOLUME 2. DANZIG Old parish Registers Part 1: Aller Gottes Engel, Heiliger Geist, Heiliger Leichnam, Peter & Paul Reformed Church, St. Bartholomae
VOLUME 3. DANZIG Old parish Registers Part 2: St Elizabeth Church, St Johann, St Katherine, St Marien Kirche, St Salvator, St Trinitatis, Pockenhaus
VOLUME 4. INSTERBURG, MEMEL, TILSIT, WEHLAU Old parish Registers, including some Communicant Rolls and Collection Book records for Insterburg & Tilsit; List of Wehlau Krämers; Scots obtaining a Schuts-seddel.
ELBING, FISCHHAUSEN, KNEIPHOF, LYCK etc   VOLUME 5. Old parish Registers: ELBING [Heiliger Geist, Heiliger Leichnem, Heiliger Lenzen, Reformed Kirche, St Ann, St Marien Kirche, St Marien English. Elbing Pestsachen & Poor. Gross Nebrau], FISCHHAUSEN, KNEIPHOF, LYCK, MOHRUNGEN, PILLAU, PREUSS HOLLAND, SOLDAU, STETTIN; and other material relating to: POSEN, ROYAL ORPHANAGE and districts ANGERBURG-ZAMOSC  
Settlers in Königsberg, Krakow, Memel, Tilsit, Warsaw and Angerburg-Wischwill; Kramers in Prussia 1615; Supplications; Principal Officers of Gustavus Adolfus; Abbots of St James Monastery, Ratisbon and other members; Abbots of the Scottish Monastery at Erfurt, and Abbots & Monks at Wurzburg; Aberdeen Birth Briefs, Dundee Birth Briefs; Ship Arrivals at Dundee; Students at: Braunsberg, Frankfurt, Greifswald, Heidelberg, Helmstadt, Königsberg, Ratisbon, Rostock. Other Miscellaneous Documents.
27 January 2014      
Canisbay & Dunnet   Caithness - Dunnet Free Church Births & Baptisms 1843-1867 & 1872-1897, Marriages 1845-1847; Canisbay Free Church Births & Baptisms 1843-1875. S. Farrell, 2014, ISBN 978-1-904061-89-2  
Genealogy in the Gaidhealtachd   Clan & Family History in the Highlands of Scotland. Graeme M. Mackenzie, Highland Roots, Inverness, 2013, ISBN 978-1-904061-88-5  
16 November
Register of
Corrected Entries
  The Register of Corrected Entries - and its use for family historians. A5, 35 pages.