Births, Marriages & Deaths Graham & Emma Maxwell have some searchable databases of Non-OPR Birth, Marriage & Death records on their website.
 Dunfermline Dunfermline Parish Registers 1561-1700. A Scottish Record Society Publication.
 Melrose Melrose Register of Baptisms and Proclamations and Minutes of Session1727-1741and Mortuary Rolls 1642-1820.
 St Andrews Register of Births & Marriages for the Episcopalian Congregation of St Andrews 1722-1787.
 Torphichen Register of Baptisms, Proclamations, Marriages and Mortcloth Dues Parish of Torphichen 1673-1714
Births / Baptisms  
 Bairnie & Tillydesk  Register of Baptisms at Bairnie & Tillydesk 1763-1801.
 Paternity Cases  Graham & Emma Maxwell have a searchable database of Sheriff Court Paternity Decrees on their website.
Parish of Holyrood House or Canongate Register of Marriages 1564-1800, M-R only.
 Edinburgh Edinburgh Register of Marriages 1595-1700. Edinburgh Marriages 1701-1750. Edinburgh Marriages 1751-1800.
 Death & Burial  
Greyfriars Register of Interments, Edinburgh 1658-1700.
 Edinburgh Monumental Inscriptions in St Cuthbert's Churchyard, Edinburgh, older portion.


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