Book Trade The Scottish Book Trade Index is a comprehensive list of all those involved in the Scottish book trade up to 1850 and includes printers, engravers, book-binders etc. The biographical material is being added to as more information comes to light.
Brick-makers This site has images of bricks produced in Scotland and information on some of the brickworks and manufacturers has been added.
Engineering New Grace's Guide is the most comprehensive source of information on the engineering industry in Britain from the start of the Industrial Revolution to the 1960s; with nearly 60 000 pages and over 82000 images.
Ironworkers This site has a list of Ironworkers from around the UK. Quite a number of Scottish workers are mentioned.
Postal Workers This link will take you to the Genealogy Section of the British Postal Museum & Archive, a large and interesting website with information about the Post Office, its workers, stamps, resources and all matters postal.
Railway Archive The Railway Archive site is a collection of documents of a general nature but more specifically cataloguing over 6000 railway accidents and often including names of victims and railway staff.
Scottish Mining The Scottish Mining website has much information and research on Scottish mining to aid family & local historians. There is much research on mining disasters available.
Sculptors Although claiming to cover Glasgow - City of Sculpture there is much more information to be found on this website about architects, builders and foundries.
Traded Goods & Commodities This site is essential a dictionary of terms found in documents relating to trade between 1550 and 1820 and should help the researcher understand their ancestor's business better.
Writers to HM Signet A History of the Society of Writers to Her Majesty's Signet. This edition was published in 1890 and contains much useful biographical information. Later editions of the work have been published which contain details on more recent Writers to the Signet.

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