Scottish Maps The National Library of Scotland has a very useful collection of Scottish maps on their website. The maps range in date from 1560-1930. Some of the Town Plans and views are excellent .
Moll Atlas Moll's plates of 1723 were used to create a Scottish Atlas in 1745. The maps have been digitised and a CD of the images is available through the Society shop.
Gough Map The Gough map is one of the earliest maps of Great Britain dating to the late 14th century. It is unusal as the east is to the top. It is interesting to see where in Scotland was considered important at this time. To locate places on the map select the Digital Map tab, then the Browse tab below that. The dot on the red markers may be clicked to reveal more information.
Scotland's Places A wealth of material is available at Scotland's Places including maps, taxation records and buildings of historical interest. The material is arranged by pre-1975 counties and contains many hidden gems.

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