The British in India For those with ancestors who went to India the Families in British India Society is a good place to visit. There are databases and transcripts open to all. Even more is available to those who join the Society.
The British Library India Office has a searchable database of 300000 plus names of births, marriages and deaths in India.

An Alphabetical List of the HEIC Bombay Civil Servants 1798-1839, Dodwell & Miles.
For background information Glimpses of Old Bombay and Western India, James Douglas, JP, Sampson Low, Martson & Co., London, 1900, is an interesting book with useful information.

Madras An on-line version of Charles Campbell Prinsep's Madras Civil Servants 1741-1858 is a useful work for the many Scots who went out to India.
Bengal  Alphabetical list of the Officers in the Bengal army 1760-1834, Edward Dodwell & James Samuel Miles. A list of Bengal Civil Servants 1780-1838, by Dodwell & Miles.

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