The Society has put together a programme of workshops to assist members / non-members to delve deeper into their Scottish family history. Apart from the Beginners class, these modules go beyond the usual birth, marriage and death information. These classes will be held on Saturdays between 10.0-12.00 at our Family History Centre at 15 Victoria Terrace and will cost £10 each payable in advance due to the number of people who booked a course, but did not turn up. (Booking fees are non-refundable).
To book any of the classes, please book online or call in person at the Library and Family History Centre, 15 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2JL. If you have any questions about the courses please email or simply call in at our Family History Centre at 15 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2JL, in the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town. Please note the Library is shut on Friday and Sunday so late emails on these days will not be answered.
We would ask, however, that if you book a class and then find that you cannot make the date, that you let us know as soon as possible as we often have a waiting list of people wishing to attend the course.

The schedule is as follows (all dates are Saturdays from 10.00-12.00)


1 - Saturday 7 September 2019
Beginner's class in Scottish Family History: This module is just what it says - for beginners. Ken Nisbet, who has many years experience in researching family history will take this class. BOOK

2 - Saturday 5 October 2019
Old Scottish HandwritingJust when you think it’s great because you have traced  your family back into the 17th and 18th Centuries, you suddenly find the writing in the OPRs changes and you can’t read it! Kirsteen Mulhern from the Scottish Records Association will give a Beginners workshop on how to decipher itBOOK

3 - Saturday 9 November 2019
Researching Soldiers of the Great War: Ken Nisbet, our resident expert on all things military will take this class. Ken will give a more focused class on army records than in previous workshops. BOOK

4 - Saturday 23 November 2019
Irish Records:“Irish records? – they all went up in smoke  . . . Or did they?” Jill Williams, FIGRS, will repeat her popular Beginners class on Irish family history. BOOK

5 - Saturday 30 November 2019
DNA: Have you had it done and still don’t understand? Michelle Leonard, professional genealogist and DNA detective, will take this workshop to help explain what it’s all about. BOOK

6- Saturday 7 December 2019
Beginner's Class in English Genealogy: Many of our members have some English ancestry which, with the records not as readily available as the Scottish system, can be difficult to navigate. Ken Nisbet will give a workshop on where to begin. BOOK


7 - Saturday 11 January 2020
Beginner's class in Scottish Family History: This module is just what it says - for beginners. Ken Nisbet, who has many years experience in researching family history will take this class. BOOK

8 - Saturday 25 January 2020
Researching Convict & Criminal Ancestors: Ken Nisbet will show where to find these records about ancestors who fell foul of the law and what information they contain. BOOK

9 - Saturday 8 February 2020
Intermediate Irish Records: Over the past couple of years, Jill Williams has given her popular session on Beginning Irish Genealogy. This class will direct participants further on from their initial research. It will include a closer look at church records and land records including Griffiths Valuation and cancelled land valuation records. BOOK

10 - Saturday 7 March 2020
Health and history: An exercise in frustration? The truth about using health records for genealogy: This workshop tackles a few popular myths about using health records in genealogy, looking at some particular examples and letting you know about records that health archives hold, why some material is confidential, and avenues open to researchers. Louise Williams, Archivist, will take this class.  BOOK

11 - Saturday 4 April 2020
Advanced class on Irish Records: Jill Williams has a new class which will take participants deeper in their quest. BOOK

12 - Saturday 2 May 2020
Napoleonic & Victorian Soldiers: Ken Nisbet will take this class on where to find the records for British soldiers of the 19th Century. BOOK

 13 - Saturday 16 May 2020 
Kirk Session Records: :  Bruce Bishop who has a vast knowledge of family history, will show where to find information not found on the usual birth, marriage and death records, and help source rare pre-1841 censuses. BOOK